Hidden UFO civilization could be on Earth
Hidden UFO Civilization Cold Be Among Us, Harvard Researchers Say

An unidentified, technologically advanced population might be living secretly among us, according to a startling new paper by researchers from Harvard and Montana Technological University. They speculate that “unidentified anomalous phenomena” (UAP), another term for UFOs, could be lurking underground, on the moon, or even blending in with humanity.

While the researchers acknowledge that their hypotheses might be met with skepticism by the scientific community, they assert that these ideas deserve “consideration in a spirit of epistemic humility and openness.”

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The paper introduces the concept of “cryptoterrestrials” as a possible explanation for the numerous unexplained sightings reported worldwide each year.

The Theories Proposed in the Paper:
A Remnant Form of Ancient Civilization: A long-lost civilization could still be inhabiting Earth.
A Separately Evolved Intelligent Species: An intelligent species might have evolved independently from humans and remains hidden.
Time-Traveling or Extraterrestrial Cryptoterrestrials: These beings might be from another time period or another planet.
Supernatural Beings: The unidentified creatures could be of a supernatural origin, likened to “earthbound angels.”
The researchers also suggest that cryptoterrestrials might be residing in or near sighting hotspots, such as lakes and volcanoes. They propose that the high frequency of sightings in these areas could be due to entry and exit points for these hidden societies deep within the Earth. Other potential locations for these settlements could be nearby celestial bodies, like the moon.

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In late 2023, career intelligence official David Grusch claimed that the United States government has been keeping UFO research programs a secret from the public. The government has consistently denied such claims.

The paper explores the government’s response to sightings, noting that many believers suspect federal agencies are “deliberately downplaying the topic or at least obfuscating the extraordinary nature of many UAP-related events.”

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Despite the extraordinary nature of their claims, the researchers emphasize that some aspects of UAP phenomena are so peculiar that they might warrant unconventional explanations. “We entertain them here because some aspects of UAP are strange enough that they seem to call for unconventional explanations,” they state.