YZ Ceti b
Scientists Discover Repeating Radio Signal Coming From Another Planet

Scientists have spotted a repeating radio signal from a nearby star system that hints at the presence of a magnetic field around one of its Earth-sized planets, a report published this week revealed. The discovery of a magnetic field—a key component of Earth’s ability to host life—could bolster the search for alien life and habitable […]

UFO over Alaska
Pilots: Unidentified Object Shot Down Over Alaska Interfered With F-35 Sensors, Had No Identifiable Propulsion System

An unidentified object that was shot down 10 miles off the frozen coast of Alaska on Friday afternoon is becoming more mysterious as US officials try to describe it. The incident marked the second time that US jets had taken down an object in less than a week, following the shooting down of a suspected […]

planet killer asteroid
NASA Detects ‘Planet Killer’ Asteroid Hiding In The Sun’s Glare Within Colliding Distance

Astronomers have spotted three near-Earth asteroids that were lurking undetected within the glare of the sun. One of the asteroids, called 2022 AP7, is the largest potentially hazardous object posing a risk to Earth to be discovered in the last eight years. Their findings were published Monday in The Astronomical Journal. According to the publication, […]

NASA Spacecraft Will Crash Into An Asteroid Today To Protect Earth

A NASA spacecraft will deliberately slam into an asteroid today at 7:14 p.m. ET after launching 10 months ago as part of a planetary protection program. The DART mission, or the Double Asteroid Redirection Test, will attempt to affect the motion of an asteroid in space. A live stream of images captured by the spacecraft […]

James Webb Space Telescope
Problem Detected On The James Webb Space Telescope

NASA announced this week that it has detected a problem with its James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), and as a result, it has put a slate of observations on pause. The advanced telescope allows astronomers to observe the Universe like never before, and its breathtaking first images and data are clear indicators of its prowess. […]

NASA Captures Unprecedented Explosion On Red Supergiant Star Betelgeuse

NASA scientists have captured an unprecedented explosion on the surface of a massive red supergiant star known as Betelgeuse, the space agency said in a press release. Astronomers used NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and other observatories to determine that the senior star actually blew off part of its surface. The researchers said the explosion caused […]

UFO crashes into water
U.S. Navy Films Spherical UFO Filmed As It Plunges Into The Ocean

A video released by the US Pentagon and posted online by The Today Shows reveals a spherical unidentified flying object as it hovered over the ocean side to side like a ball and then seems to dive into the water. A Pentagon spokesperson confirmed that the U.S. Navy did capture the footage, but the spokesperson […]

US Congress UFOs
U.S. Congress Approves Measure To Create System For Reporting UAPs

The United States Congress has approved an amendment to the annual defense spending bill that would establish a secure system for reporting unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), commonly known as UFOs. The system would receive reports of “any event relating to unidentified aerial phenomena” in addition to any related activity from the government, federal contractors or […]

NATO UFO encounter
UFOs Interrupted NATO War Exercise At Sea: ‘Project Blue Book’

When a massive international war-games exercise known as Operation Mainbrace convened in the North Sea in 1952, it brought together 80,000 military personnel, 1,000 planes and 200 ships from nine countries. There were also some unexpected attendees: UFOs. As reported by LiveScience, Multiple sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) during Operation Mainbrace (also known as […]